7 Delightful Houston Candy Stores

Houston is a place for eating out as they offer plenty of options from delicious Tex-Mex and amazing finger-licking barbeques. Meals like these are not complete without dessert. Kids can go for ice cream but if they are not in the mood for it, a good old fashion candy treat will do the trick.

1. Stan’s Pop Shop

Stan’s Pop Shop is a family owned and operated store that offers collectible items and pop culture novelty products. They have wide choices of candy novelty products together with the sought after Funko, FiGPinN collectibles. Their Funko Pops come in individual or sets and are affordably priced. This is the shop to go to enjoy candy novelties while checking out the next item that you can add to your collection.

2. Treats of Mexico

This candy store offers an assortment of Mexican candies and cold delights. Aside from the traditional array of Mexican candies, they also offer their customers ice cold treats like ice cream, shaved ice, and frozen yogurt that are perfect accompaniments for a hot summer day. Their popular Concha Ice Cream Sandwich has landed on Buzzfeed’s list of “Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in America”, just five months after they opened in 2017.

3. Araya Artisan Chocolate

You can find locally handcrafted, gourmet chocolate that are preservative free at Araya Artisan Chocolate. They use ultra-premium Venezuelan chocolate in combination with natural fruits, nuts, creams, liquors, honey and agave to create the most delicious chocolate pieces. Vegan choices are also available for health-conscious customers. Treat for kids include artistically designed chocolate bars and the most delicious hot chocolate. They also serve coffee.

4. Candylicious

A nearby treat that can satisfy your cravings for candy mixes can be found in Candylicious. They have a variety of candy mixes that are ideal for a relaxing movie night at home or birthday parties. You can treat your family and friends with the assortment of sweet things coming out of the bag of Candylicious. This shop guarantees seamless transactions from start to finish so you can enjoy your purchase after. Some of their candy mixes are Freedom Mix, Laces Mix, Mexican Candy Mix, Puff Mix, Fruit Slices Mix and a lot more.

5. The Chocolate Bar

This local candy shop offers a fun experience as they serve their customers with their very own chocolates, desserts and ice cream. The fun starts as you enter the shop as the sights, sounds and smell can engulf your senses. They provide a comfortable space where you and your friends can savor the finest quality of their chocolate homemade products like ice cream, cakes, pies, brownies and cookies. They are focused on their customer’s satisfaction and exceptional experience at their shop.

6. Rocket Fizz

This soda pop and candy shop have the largest selection of soda and candies found in one store. They offer almost all microbrewery sodas made all over the world and almost every candy ever made. A lot of amazing flavor discoveries are inside this shop that can satisfy your soda pop and candy cravings. Customers congregate for hours in this candy paradise trying out their not-so-ordinary sodas flavors, novelty candies and other sugary treats.

7. Candytopia-Houston

Located at 822 Town and Country Blvd, Candytopia-Houston is best known for its whimsical candy art and various sweet tooth events that are best loved by both young and old. You can also enjoy interactive candy art including flying pigs and a marshmallow tsunami. Adults are charged $28 while those from 4-12 years old are charged $20. Meanwhile, those below 4 years are free of charge.

Candies also are associated with celebration as we celebrate almost all occasions. Adults and kids both love candies. The mood can be elevated when we treat ourselves with sugary treats. Having sweet treats evokes positive memories in adults that can bring them back to their childhood.

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